Monday, March 19, 2012

one hundred word story #100: Bean counter

It’s a tireless game, all this imagining. You want a universe and so you must invent it. You want a popsicle and so you must make it drip down your chin. You want a man with a Frisbee for a head, so you draw him. Etcetera. Other people--PhDs, MBAs, MDs, JDs, CFOs, UFOs—other people perform real services, create real goods. Other people can weigh what they’ve created in two hands. Other people chat you up at cocktail parties, say, What you do sounds so fun. You smile, but inside you know. Your hands are dirty from counting words.


RachelVB said...

I think everyone born wanting to be a writer needs a manual once they pop out of the womb - but I guess that would be cheating...
art is not easy.

miss J. said...

yes! that would be lovely.

this piece was inspired when a friend of a friend was visiting, asked me what i studied, and said, "oh, that sounds nice and easy." she also offered to "proofread" my work, which, really, was too kind. ;)

i feel like writers could be given manuals with the caveat that over the years, they'd have to rewrite them, word by word.