Monday, February 28, 2011

one hundred word story #17

Janie convinced Tammy to break into her own house while their babysitter was glued to Beverly Hills 90210. “Let’s try on your new tutu,” Janie said. But all the doors were locked. Then Janie noticed the apple tree leaning against the upstairs balcony. “You like to climb, right?” she winked.

Tammy hiked up her culottes and scaled the tree. The door on the balcony was also locked. “Now what?” Tammy asked. Janie froze. That afternoon, when Tammy’s mother got home, she found her daughter curled up on the balcony, surrounded by apple cores. Janie never did get her own tutu.


kali! said...

Good stuff :) Makes me want an apple, but also makes me not want to go back to being a kid. Amazing what you can do with 100 words!

miss J. said...

Glad you liked it! :) 100 word stories are fun because they make you get straight to the point.

And, it may or may not be true that I did this to a friend once, oh, about 20 years ago...