Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one hundred word story #15

First he lost his wife. Then he lost his girlfriend. Then his mother. He gave himself time. He gave the world permission to do its worst, thinking it already had. Then, recovering amidst a sea of sympathy cards, the news came: heart surgery. "In another world," he thought, "the skies would open. The rain would fall on me. In this one, I breed rain." He bought a Lotto ticket on his way in. He kept his headphones on. The next morning, the sun focused its rays on his loudly thumping chest. Something he’d never felt before. It felt so good.


gteamhj said...

Bravo! xxx

Carol said...

Oh wow! I am honored and moved. And yes, Julia: the sound of my heart beating is pretty dang awesome! Especially when I notice it during a slog with Mr. Wilson, Gila and Skinny, plus M and M, through bogland looking at the cloud parade on a gray Saturday. Thanks for this.
I remain,
Ever your devoted,

miss J. said...

Much love to you, Bicdorf! I plan to buy you a Lotto ticket. x