Sunday, January 30, 2011

one hundred word story #12

Janie stopped by the Career Fair hoping to pick up a career. It was easier than she thought. First there was the aptitude test, which narrowed her down to either flower-arranging or graveyard digging. Then she got to meet professional flower arrangers and gravediggers. There were some pirates, too, and badminton delegates from the United Kingdom. Don't worry, Janie, they all said, just work hard and the right opportunity will come to you. You might even end up arranging flowers above graves! She left with a packet of seeds and a shovel, thinking, America is indeed the land of opportunity.


gteamhj said...

Hilarious and true.

miss J. said...

This was inspired by a true story: A friend (I'll call her Stayce, so her identity is protected, but I believe you know her well) took an aptitude test in high school on her father's urging, and it suggested that she would be great as a mortician...or flower arranger.

This clearly influenced her decision to study the environment.