Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I saw this image while walking along the East Side Gallery in Berlin, a one kilometer walkway of the remaining wall along the river which is covered with more than 100 murals from international artists. These two men are meant to be prominent politicians of differing values.

Though this image is in itself powerful, what I find most striking is the word "sanctuary." I thought of this picture again today while listening to news reports on the latest Prop 8 hearings. I wonder when the United States will actually function as the sanctuary it claims so wholeheartedly to be.

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RachelVB said...

It's astounding, isn't it? We claim to be such a free country, but free according to who's laws? I've always seen something fishy in those who claim to love thy neighbor with strings attached. They preach and they preach with such hate. Can you imagine what could be done with the world if every one started to preach only with love instead?