Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forget cellar door. Open road is where it's at.

This summer, driving cross country, we passed many cars with decorative antennae. The cacti were often my favorite. Watching their little flapping plastic tendrils zip by on the I-10 made it look like all the passing cars were sticking out their hands for high fives. Parked cars with dangling antennae smirked at us when we stopped to refuel.

I miss watching the scenery change. The concept of settling anywhere is fundamentally mature, and while with every passing year it seems less final, less scary, the romance of the open road is often more attractive than the stability of staying put.

Open road. Can you think of two words more beautiful?


RachelVB said...

It's a beautiful concept, isn't it? Something I certainly battle with. What is it about moving and staying still all at the same time that is so romantic, so freeing. Yet when we are on the road sometimes we long for home and like all things in life there has to be a balance to learn.

miss J. said...

Well said. It recently occurred to me that since moving back to Davis, this is the first time when I haven't been actively planning a trip - where present day daily life is engaging enough.

And you're right, it's easy to idealize travel when one has a safe, warm place to sleep at night, and a sense of stable routine.

RachelVB said...

that sounds lovely. I have, of late, been actively thinking (not so much planning), but dreaming of getting away.
Perhaps you have found home? Perhaps you are comfortable for the time being. I say bask in it! I'm sure you'll get to planning again soon =)
I'm glad daily life has been engaging enough. That's always a good sign.