Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ligre Debut

Introducing the world premiere of Ligre, an improvised comics tour de force created piecemeal by a Tiger (Ryan Alpers) and a Lioness (Julia Halprin Jackson).

"It wasn't the world that made him dream of beautiful girls and wonderful things..."

"and landscapes surreal with smoking pots and endangered desert tortoises..."

"It was his job, after all, to imagine..."

"unreal realities portrayed behind curtains on silver screens...
-Ever seen that dog before?
-Nope, but she's got style on those skis!
-Yip! Yap! Yeaaahh!"

"wondering what willed whatever wont withal..."

"smaller and smaller when love comes to call..."


All drawings by Julia, usually done in class, in a little notebook
all text done by Ryan, usually done on the weekends, on a little tiled counter in San Francisco
website help by Ammon Bartram


gteamhj said...

This is fabulousa, darlings! Yay for Ryan & Julia! xxx someone's Mimster

solene said...

didn't know you were gifted! you should have done the cartoons instead of ben& I...^^
hope you're fine^^


miss J. said...

haha! thanks for your feedback...we are working on a new one, but as Ryan keeps saying, "maybe we should really polish these before you put them online." I say, if there are dogs and words, why the hell not? :)

glad you guys enjoyed it. and solene, i loved your and ben's comics!